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  • “We have lived here for a little over two years and have continued to stay since it's such a nice quiet complex and well-maintained as well as in a great area of town.”
  • “I haven't even officially moved in yet, but already have been made to feel right at home by the office staff! Come on move in date!!!!”
  • “The office staff is like a family especially when you have a manager who's been here a long time and knows what she is doing. Keep up the good work guys!”
  • “The staff makes sure that maintenance is executed and a professional standard is held to the highest. Thank You for your excellent customer service.”
  • This is my first place of my own and first time to live by myself so I was very nervous at first about safety and such. It didn't take long before I felt completely comfortable...
  • The staff in the office are very professional and kind. They deal with things in a timely manner and they are always friendly.
  • You will find the manager outside, working in the flowers, walking at night, say hello to everyone and even shows up at your door if there is a problem.
  • I love my new apartment, and the office staff was very friendly and helpful. I am hoping to be a long term resident.
  • The staff is great, dynamic, and very polite, and will listen to your concerns (they have not failed me since I got here).
  • We had a good friendship with office staff. Sometimes we celebrated our occasions in the office. The great advantage of this place is that i did not drive long for anything as kroger, walmart and other eating places are near by.
  • The only thing I can say : they’re professional and make the people feel like they are staying in their real HOME –not an apartment
  • Love this apartment complex, I have been here about 2 months, office staff is very helpful and so nice and friendly. When you walk into the office you feel like you are at home and you are part of a family, they care about their residents.
  • I would recommend this property to anyone. Management team and maintenance team is always on top of their game. Quick to respond to emergencies even stupid ones like flushing a bar of soap down the toilet on accident. lol.